About the Department


The Department of Urban Education offers both undergraduate and graduate programs, focusing on schooling in urban environments. Our fundamental premise is that public schools are crucial to the cultivation of creative, productive, and politically involved individuals committed to a just and democratic society. The Department is dedicated to the preparation and professional development of future and current teachers, administrators, and scholars who contribute to the improvement of urban education through their teaching, community involvement, leadership, and research.

Through its Urban Teacher Education Program (UTEP) the department prepares and certifies Rutgers-Newark and NJIT students for professional teaching careers in New Jersey. The Department is also home to the Abbott Leadership Institute (ALI), which teaches education advocacy to students, parents, and community members in an effort to make sure that all Newark students are receiving a quality and equitable education. A MAT History and teacher certification program is available through a collaboration with the History Department and the Rutgers Graduate School – Newark. The Department of Urban Education also offers non-degree, graduate level online courses each semester.      




Department of Urban Education
110 Warren Street, Bradley Hall - 1st Floor, Room 151, Newark, NJ 07102