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  • A recent book by Assistant Professor Audrey Truschke has stirred controversy among the Hindu-right
    in India.  See full story here >>

  • Assistant Professor of Psychology Vanessa LoBue embarks on a longitudinal study with hundreds of babies
    to get at the root of shyness.  See full story here >>

  • Associate Professor Kimi Takesue’s latest film, 95 And Six to Go, has been nominated for the prestigious European Doc Alliance Award.  See full story here >>

  • Chemistry Professor Huixin He is leading the charge to develop eco-friendly chemical catalysts. 
    See full story here >>

  • An innovative Political Science course is preparing students for the largest intercollegiate
    Model UN Conference in the world.  See full story >>

  • Associate Professor John Sheridan, of RU–N’s Department of Chemistry, has been named
    Senior Associate Dean of FASN.  See Full Story Here >>